About Us

Couscous Connection is a high-end ready-to-wear clothing line and accessories brand established by inspired by the traditional Tunisian clothes with a modern and glamorous touch. Effortless style, authenticity, and easy-going living are at the heart of the brand’s philosophy. These positive values shine through at every level, from the laid-back tailoring to the made-to-last quality, use of natural materials and responsible production.
Couscous Connection's aspiration is to be the best fashion brand with an outstanding price-value proposition: Capturing market trends and newness in color, quality fabrics and shapes, and expressing them in the effortless, relaxed and comfortable style. CC reflects a positive and caring attitude towards life that celebrates real people and togetherness according to the brand promise:
“We want to make you feel good to look good”.
From our perspective, CC is the Tunisian’s answer to global fashion. It incorporates the love and passion for fashion, quality, and design, together with the modern touch of Tunisian traditional clothes whose source is in our nature as people and as a fashion house – energetic, colorful, and happy, with a pinch of glamour.
CC is proud to lead a productive and ongoing dialogue between its local design brand and the people who live here in Tunisia. As a versatile for fashion and lifestyle, we are committed to our values and provide our customers with a unique and exciting experience in all areas of personal appearance and lifestyle. We see in this a commitment of respect and appreciation for our customers. It’s a marketplace which will get all good quality Tunisian brands in one place.
CC’s philosophy is to produce collections that are a sophisticated style, high-quality materials, and a modern design. The main goal of their chic and elegant brand is to reflect how we live, the decisions we have to make in daily life, and how we appear to others. It mainly reflects the cultural values of the region.


Couscous Connection is a brand operated by SHEKEL LTD