About Us

Couscous Connection is a streetwear fashion brand inspired by Tunisian culture. We design our collections in Paris, and our products are manufactured in Tunisia for the highest quality standards.

Couscous Connection is inspired by the colours, patterns, and textures of Tunisia. It champions the bold use of colour and features a range of graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts that combine rich fabrics with patterns found in traditional clothing worn throughout North Africa.

The brand uses high quality materials such as pure silk, soft cotton, and leather combined with traditional Tunisian techniques to create unique apparels. We designed a line of colorful cotton clothing that fuses traditional middle eastern carpets with innovative tunisian art. 

Couscous Connection is a streetwear brand created by Tunisian-born, Paris-raised designer Edriss Essaied. The name of the brand refers to the mafia, but instead of connotations of violence, Essaied has reclaimed it to evoke a sense of family and belonging. Participating in the open-armed community that is an integral part of tunisian society, he creates apparel that's meant to unite people rather than divide them.